View over the Matterhorn mountain from Zermatt in the Alps, Valais, Switzerland
<BR><BR>More images at</P>Valais Blacknose / Blacknosed Swiss sheep (Ovis aries) in the Alps, Valais, Switzerland
<BR><BR>More images at</P>Farmer storing hay in traditional wooden granary / raccard near the Alpine village Findeln with view over the Matterhorn, Valais, Switzerland
<BR><BR>More images at</P>Walkers / Hikers resting with view over the Moiry Glacier in the Pennine Alps, Valais, Switzerland
<BR><BR>More images at</P>House front of traditional wooden house / chalet decorated with old skis in the Alpine village Grimentz, Valais, SwitzerlandThe Pyramids of Euseigne in the canton of Valais, Switzerland. Rocks of harder stone stacked on top protect the columns from rapid erosion, creating these pyramidal rock formations
<BR><BR>More images at</P>Barrage de la Grande Dixence / Grande Dixence Dam in Switzerland is the highest dam in Europe. It holds back the lake Lac des DixStatue of William Tell and his son at Altdorf, Switzerland 
<BR><BR>More images at</P>The Eiger mountain and Alpine cow (Bos taurus) with cowbell resting in pasture, Swiss Alps, Switzerland
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