Common Tern (Sterna hirundo) couple mating, Texel, the NetherlandsThe historical warehouse / storehouse / entrepôt is now a fish restaurant in the harbour of Oudeschild, Texel, the NetherlandsProhibition sign of nature reserve at nest site, the Netherlands Traditional house and barn in the village Den Hoorn, Texel, the NetherlandsAnimal keeper feeding fish to blind seals in the seal shelter Ecomare, Texel, the NetherlandsDomestic Texel sheep (Ovis aries) ewe with two lambs, the NetherlandsTrawler fishing boats in the harbour of Oudeschild, Texel, the NetherlandsThe Cocksdorp lighthouse at night, Texel, the NetherlandsThe Sailor church and traditional houses in the village Oudeschild, Texel, the Netherlands