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Close up of solitary gray wolf / grey wolf (Canis lupus) running in forestConceptual image showing air pollution from petrochemical industry showing chimneys encompassed with smokeBladder senna (Colutea arborescens) showing its fruit as inflated bladdery podsEilean Donan Castle in Loch Duich, Ross and Cromarty, Western Highlands of Scotland, UKEuropean garden spider / diadem spider / cross spider (Araneus diadematus) feeding on caught insect in spider's web made in blooming heather in heathlandClose up of common hippopotamus (Hippopotamus amphibius) in pond yawning and showing teeth in open mouthThe Scottish mountain Buachaille Etive Mor in Glen Etive in the Highlands of Scotland, UKDetail of water flowing over boulders in the River Garry in Glengarry Forest, Lochaber, Scottish Highlands, ScotlandEuropean honey buzzard (Pernis apivorus) eating dead bird chick