Rockets in the Euro Space Centre at Transinne, BelgiumTourists visiting the Orval Abbey ruins, a Cistercian monastery founded in 1132 in the Ardennes, BelgiumWild boar of the Chasseurs ardennais regimental Memorial at Martelange in the Ardennes, BelgiumTourists visiting the castle farm at Falaen in the Ardennes, BelgiumThe city Dinant along the river Meuse with the Collegiate Church and the citadel, BelgiumGrotto of St Anthony of Padua, Crupet, BelgiumAmerican Memorial at the Hill of Mardasson, Bastogne, BelgiumTourists in the river Amblève near the waterfalls of Coo, Stavelot, BelgiumTourists visiting bookshop in the village Redu, Ardennes, Belgium